Race Pack

Race Pack Collection

  • Race pack berisi nomor dada peserta dapat diambil di Race Central, perhatikan jadwal acara.
  • Race pack is contains paticipant bib number can be collected at Race Central, refer to the schedules.
Important for collecting:
  1. KTP / Passport. Race pack to be collected personally, please show your identification (KTP/Passport) as per your registration.
  2. Mandatory Gears. Bring all the mandatory gears for checking during race pack collection. See the Gears and Equipment section.
  3. Waiver Form will be provided and you will be asked to sign the form. Click here to download GP100 Waiver Form 2018

Finisher Tee

  • Tee (finisher tee) only awarded for those participant who finished the race under the defined Cut Off Time.