GP100 is a self-supported, community organized race, a great end of year challenge, with UTMB points to be earned.

We encourage donation from participants, and their generous contribution had helped sending Aris Sopiandi to the big UTMB race, as well as helping Eni Rosita recovering from her misfortunate incident last year. Donations will still be organized this year, the purpose will be announced at a later time.

2017 Edition presents new 300KM category, which will break and test runners' mental and will.

UTMB Points

UTMB Qualifying Race

  • 300KM: 6 pts
  • 100KM: 5 pts
  • 75KM: 4 pts
  • 50KM: 4 pts
  • 25KM: 2 pts
Details at UTMB Website