I. Terms And Conditions

II. Refund Policy

III. Registration Requirement

IV. Emergency Assistance & Consideration For Others

V. Gears and Equipment

To take part in the races, a set of compulsory equipment is needed. However, it is important to remember that this is a minimum requirement and each participant must adjust the equipment brought in according to their individual needs. In particular, it is important not to choose the lightest clothing to reduce the burden of a few grams, but choose clothing that will provide real protection against cold, rainy, or windy weather in the mountains, thus providing security and supporting good performance.

VI. Bib

VII. Drop Bag

VIII. Aid Stations and Medical Assistance During The Race

IX. Check Point and Water Station

X. Cut Off Time

XI. Dropping Out Of The Race

XII. Markers

XIII. Finish

XIV. Sanctions, Penaltized, and Disqualifications

XV. Racer & Race Organization Responsibilities

XVI. Race Cancellation