November 30, 2017

Cancellation of 2017 Race

Cibodas, 30 N0vember 2017 Dear runners, PENGHENTIAN LOMBA GP100 2017 Kami dari Panitia Lomba Gede Pangrango 100 2017 dengan ini menyampaikan permohonan maaf yang sebesar-besarnya, dengan pertimbangan yang matang, berdasarkan hasil rapat dengan tim panitia dan juga dengan aparat terkait, kami memutuskan untuk tidak melanjutkan acara lomba lari ini, menghentikan kategori 300KM (di 200KM), dan membatalkan kategori 25KM, 50KM, 75KM dan 100KM. Berdasarkan pantauan dari tim sukarelawan, tim polisi hutan dari TNGGP, dan juga dari peserta lomba kategori 300KM, cuaca di jalur pendakian Gunung Gede Pangrango tidak kunjung membaik, terjadi hujan deras, angin kencang dan juga terdapat beberapa pohon tumbang. Demi keamanan dan keselamatan bersama, dengan berat kami terpaksa menghentikan jalannya lomba. Kami akan memberitahukan lebih lanjut detail terkait administrasi (biaya simaksi, donasi) peserta di pengumuman berikutnya. CANCELLATION OF 2017 GP100 RACE We as organizer of 2017 Gede Pangrango 100 Race, hereby would like to apologize deeply, as a result of very careful consideration, and according to emergency discussion with race team, as well as with National Park authorities, we decided to stop the race, stop the 300KM category (at 200KM), and cancel the 25KM, 50KM, 75KM & 100KM category. According to observation and feedback from volunteers team, National Park […]
October 18, 2016

GPX Files

GPX files : To be updated Note: GPS devices are sometimes not accurate, so please use these GPX files as GUIDANCE only. You will still need to watch out for markers on the route, and apply some common sense as well. Due to various variables in GPS accuracy and methods of extrapolation, please kindly refrain from asking about the exact numbers  
October 18, 2016

Registration Opens for 2016 GP 100

Registrations is now OPEN for 2016 GP 100. Click REGISTER menu to start. GP100 RETURNS ON 9-11 December 2016! Run for Our Beloved Friend, ENI ROSITA GP100 is a free event, self-supported, community organized race, a great end of year challenge, with UTMB points to be earned. Last year, we encourage donation from participants, and their generous contribution had helped sending Aris Sopiandi to the big UTMB race. This year we are doing it differently. As we all know, our fellow trail runner, Eni Rosita, was met with a shocking incident that left her with trauma that will take months to recover. She’s currently undergoing a few rounds of surgery and treatment at Siloam Hospital in Jakarta. Our thoughts are always with her, and here’s wishing her a speedy recovery, and be back on her feet soon, strong woman that she is. Let’s get together again and show our support to Eni Rosita. We have setup a page at Indokasih for both 2016 GP100 participants and friends to make donation. You can do so at